I am more then a designer I am your child’s personal fashion designer. I am so much more then tutus. I don’t just make an outfit I create an Experience. Www.Kiddiekulturebynesha.com ( Please do not use the pink chat box. I can’t answer u there, only the pink one is faulty)

Who am I

I'm known for my amazing tutu's, but I also create special event clothing and accessories, such as dresses, pants, vest, shirts, socks with ruffles, hair bows,  skirts, jean jackets, jackets and so much more.

We all want the best for our kids. So, when that special day comes around, it's only natural that we'd want to go all out. First, we pick a theme. Next, the outfit, which has to match your child's awesomeness. That is what I'm here for; To have everyone talking about your child's special day.

I enjoy making outfits for your little one. Each is made with love and understanding that this is a very special day for you and your child. Smiles for everyone.

I will be opening a physical store that will cater to families, including a parents' line. However, this will be no ordinary boutique. There will be activities geared toward families as well as age and gender specific events. Iesha's main goal is to give families lasting memories while making little persons feel extra special.

"Every child born is a story that has yet been told." - Unknown

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